Shelter Island Boat Launch to remain closed through August 
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Construction of the Shelter Island Boat Launch Facility continues to make progress. Unfortunately, the launch ramp is expected to remain closed to the public throughout the month of August. The Port of San Diego recognizes that this extended closure impacts boaters during the busy summer season, but due to unforeseen concrete obstructions and other materials that were recently discovered during construction, it is necessary to keep the ramp closed at this time. The contractor is actively working on opening a lane as soon as construction allows.  Current progress includes the completion of the breakwater wall, which entailed installation of 92 piles and 53 concrete wall panels. Most of the subgrade for the new ramp has been completed and the contractor is installing the concrete framework and steel reinforcement. The contractor is currently preparing the area for the placement of the new concrete boat ramp, which is scheduled to begin in early August. Other upcoming construction milestones include the installation of the floating docks and gangways on the east side of the ramp, scheduled for early August.  The construction team anticipates encountering additional underwater obstructions while installing the guide piles for the floating docks, and a plan is in place to minimize additional potential impacts to the project.  The public will be able to access the Shelter Island Boat Launch Ramp once the concrete ramp is complete, the temporary cofferdam has been removed and the east floating docks and gangways are installed.  Once completed, the improvements will make the boat launch ramp safer and more navigable. Upgrades include enlarging the maneuvering area in the basin by 80 percent, replacing the worn-out launch ramp, increasing the lengths of the boarding floats, installing public docks, public walkways, adjacent parking, and restroom upgrades to current Americans with Disabilities Act Standards. The Port of San Diego appreciates the public’s patience as we continue with this important public improvement project.  Additional construction updates will be provided in mid-August. Please visit for more information and for a list of alternate boat launches.
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August 13, 2018
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August 12, 2018
As an individual who has been following the climate change topic ever since my undergrad days @ UCSD one thing I learned back in the day is,... drought in this region can last longer than a human life time AND that there have been two long term drought events that happened in the past 1200 years, which in geological time is akin to a blink of an eye Given climate change symptoms like record high water temperates,... the BIG question than needs answers is,... do we have “infrastructure” adequate to meet the challenge of a worst case scenario AND can we cover the cost (which coincidentally also is an unanswered question WRT the local public pension portfolio issue) State Supreme Court Upends Prop. B, San Diego’s Public Pension Reform The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a San Diego citizens’ initiative that cut back city employee pensions was illegally placed on the ballot, and ordered a lower court to consider a remedy. One way to look at unfunded public pension debt is consider it akin to stress slowly building up between tectonic plates which is going to cause an “economic” earthquake of biblical proportions since in California the amount of unfunded pension debt is around a TRILLION dollars Given the dismal financial state of public pensions AND dismal trends associated with climate change (two man made problems caused by idiotic stewardship), seems the perfect storm is brewing because unsustainable debt being built up in various public pension portfolios intersects a period of danger posed by climate change Scripps says climate change may represent “existential” threat to humanity There’s a very small but distinct possibility that rapid global warming could pose an “existential threat” to the survival of humans by 2050, UC San Diego said Thursday in one of the most dire forecasts yet about climate change. So IMHO it is important to address the topic of unsustainable public pensions ASAP, because if there is an economic contagion due to public pensions failing, it will in turn affect the ability of government(s) to finance large scale infrastructure projects needed for mankind to adapt to a world where climate change is a harsh reality A good place to start addressing the matter at hand is consider one thing that has not been covered in any news story,... basically the topic of how the local pension debt built up in the first place,... because taxpayers ultimately pay the costs two basic “mistakes” of responsible portfolio management should be looked into and reported on. The first portfolio management mistake made is the local public pension portfolio custodians (i.e. politicians) who have allowed giving away a 13th pension payment (for three decades plus). This is a problem because unlike an optional 13th home mortgage payment which decreases the time and interest paid on a loan,... things here work in reverse, in other words the pension debt obligation grows over time! Compounding the basic middle school math “error” of a 13th pension payment is public employ union leadership (i.e. public pension recipients) who see no problem w/ not requiring fully funding the portfolio every fiscal year,... basically this is akin to only paying a “minimum credit card payment.” Seems all those directly involved in creating the pension debt problem (i.e. politicians and public employee union members) have not acted like fiduciaries for taxpayers money, but more like foxes guarding the henhouse. Public Pension Funding Crisis: Who Was Jeremy Gold And Why Should You Care? The bottom line: public pension plans' poor funding levels would be even worse if they were accounted for the way that private pension plans are, the fact that their accounting methods differ has contributed to the funding crisis, and Jeremy Gold was either a prophetic or foolish in attempting to call attention to this fact. and ...The U.S. Code of Professional Conduct calls upon actuaries to be loyal to their clients. In the case of public plans, the clients are usually the boards of trustees that administer the plans; the state and local governments that sponsor plans and the unions representing public employees also may hire actuaries. ...The actuarial profession acknowledges, but does not fulfill, its duty to the public. Since San Diego taxpayers are ultimately paying the bill, it would be nice if the news media watchdogs reported as if they were an outside investor doing a due diligence analysis on the public pension portfolio debt build up, which also considers the implication of “debt” as a limiting responses factor WRT the ability to build infrastructure needed to deal w/ climate change PS FWIW, a PDF document on GoogleDocs w/ an easy to access means exists (that outlines the pension “debt” problem as a diligent investor might look at the issue),...
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