Noisy, but beautifully exotic wild parrots call San Diego home
by Ethan Orenstein
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A wild parrot gets a belly full of delicious flora. The parrot populations have returned to the beach communities.                      Courtesy photo by Karen Straus, Audubon Society
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The flocks of large, green-and-red birds around San Diego may seem unusual, but they’re a part of the beach culture now. They’re wild parrots.

Though the parrots are not native to San Diego, or California as a whole, they’ve been here for a while and are likely here to stay. According to The California Parrot Project, the birds survive on seeds, fruit and nectar from tropical trees and shrubs planted in urban and residential areas in such communities as Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Pacific Beach and La Jolla.

Karen Straus, coordinator of the San Diego Bird Festival, hosted by the San Diego Audubon Society, said the birds do not migrate, but stay in San Diego year-round. They have established communal roosts around the county that they return to each night. During the day, the birds will fly out to a variety of food sources, depending on the time of year.

“I see them often out at Lakeside because there are trees in the Lindo Lake Park area that are a good food source for them,” Straus said. “So, at certain times of the year, they’ll be out at Lindo Lake, but they’re probably roosting back here [in the beach communities].”

She said the parrots have already made an appearance flying overhead at this year’s bird festival, and they’ve caused some excitement at festivals in the past.

“At the bird festival three years ago, they landed in the trees,” Straus said. “All our guests were running out of the workshops and running down to see the parrots right here at the festival.”

While there is no single explanation as to how the birds got here, Straus said there are two main theories, both of which may be true.

One is that the parrots came to California as pets.

“People like to have birds, especially parrots, as pets,” Straus said. “But sometimes, maybe there’s a behavior problem with the bird or maybe [the owners] are moving and they can’t take the bird with them, so the birds are simply released into the wild or the birds may escape into the wild.”

According to The California Parrot Project, hundreds of released and escaped parrots throughout the state over time have led to the wild, breeding populations today.

The other theory, Straus said, is that parrots native to northern Mexico came to California in search of a suitable habitat as areas of Mexico became deforested.

Whatever the reason, the exotic birds have established themselves as a colorful addition to more than 500 species of birds found throughout San Diego County.

“San Diego has an amazing diversity of birds, and that’s because we are lucky enough to be located on a major migration flyway,” Straus said.

Straus said anyone interested in learning more about the variety of birds in San Diego should go on a San Diego Audubon Society bird walk. Throughout the month experts guide guests through local areas around the county like Santee Lake and La Jolla Shores to observe birds.

For more information about the walks, visit

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July 02, 2020
So the birds are here because of a fire in a pet shop. The birds were released so they wouldn’t die. I found out from the family of the owner and can give more information if you want the full story.
July 05, 2019
We saw a large flock of them on the 4th of July. They landed in the large tree in the center of the field during the pie eating contest they were loud and very pretty!
Kevin B
February 20, 2019
Heard a bird squawking loudly as I arrived at work yesterday on Naval Station North Island (Coronado)and was amazed to see a beatiful (and very large) pure green parrot atop a tall palm tree
January 28, 2019
We have seen a flock the past three days of about 15-20 in Mission Valley, near Old Town. They just stopped in the trees outside balcony for about five minutes. First time in 20 years I have ever seen them in our hood.
January 05, 2019
Just saw a bunch of these here in clairemont Mesa east. Checking out the scene for some of our fruit trees.
Pat J
September 17, 2018
There has been a flock of between 30-50 parrots that have been hanging out in Redwood Village/Oak Park all summer.
Sally Vogel
August 21, 2018
Today, on Shelter Island, I observed a pair of very noisy Blue and gold macaws. I could find no mention of them on the internet. Are they new here?
Denis M
June 10, 2020
I have witnessed the Big Blue Macaws in Point Loma over 20 years ago (1998-1999) up at the Reuben H Fleet estate. Nice to hear they are still around. We had many of the Amazonias in our trees in Crown Point, Pacific Beach area also. Very noisy and beautiful.
July 20, 2018
Saw three of them yesterday here in La Jolla Village just a block from the Cove! Have seen larger groups as well over the last few weeks! Love watching them, and I sure know when they're around by hearing them first! =D

Cali Granny
April 09, 2018
I had heard of the wild parrots of San Diego over the years and finally saw them this past week. I work near Beckwourth Library in Logan Heights. Twice when the children were outside for afternoon playtime, they flew by. About 10 green birds. I consider myself a very amateur birdwatcher and I knew they weren't the typical birds in the neighborhood.
April 06, 2018
Saw a flock of 12 or so flying above Balboa Park on Thursday, April 5.
February 14, 2018
There’s a small flock in the canyons of Mission Hills. I’ve seen them a few times off Washington Street near India
December 25, 2017
They were in Lakeside yesterday (Christmas Eve) in the morning. They were hanging out in a couple of trees that are in our apt complex.
December 02, 2017
Out here in Lakeside this morning at 7:30am, there were about 30 of them flying back and forth between two trees. When I see them here in Lakeside they are always a large flock of 30-40 or so. It is definitely a ruckus but I truly enjoy it!
August 15, 2017
I've seen them in the evenings around 2nd and Palomar in Chula Vista. There are about 6 of them and very noisy when they take flight, they sound like a bunch of kids screaming. They stopped at nearby tree and I was able to walk up to the tree and get a close look up at them in the tree. They're the Amazon types with red heads, pretty good size and very healthy looking. Amazing!
CV marte
August 08, 2017
I'm a born and raised chula vista native. Some 46 years now. I heard a story as a child that a truck smuggling exotic birds from South America crashed somewhere along the border. And that's how the wild parrots came to exist here. I have been recently seeing them every night at 7:15 , consistently. Beautiful but noisy
May 09, 2017
When I was going to school two years ago, in El Cajon, I loved seeing these birds hanging out in the trees. I almost didn't want to go into the building for my classes, because I wanted to stay outside to watch the parrots. I would listen to them call each other from tree to tree, and wonder what they were saying. I actually thought I might have even heard a word or two of English, so I wondered if a few of the birds had been pets at one time. The only thing I might not like about these birds, would be if I HAD TO sit outside all day, directly under the trees that they're in. Pets, or not, I doubt if any of them were ever potty trained! LOL
December 05, 2018
haha, Yea I was watching the flock the other day thinking the same thing. I started talking to them and could swear a couple of them were getting excited, buy their tones. This was in La Mesa at a tree they stop at every year at this time.
March 10, 2017
Today, March 10, 2017 at about 4:30, four of us saw a group of five parrots flying in the area of Telegraph Canyon Road and Nacion in Chula Vista. They did one quick turn and were off to the South or East. Are the parrots hanging in Chula Vista now?
March 10, 2017
The computer inserted the "less than a minute ago" phrase. I wrote today, Friday March 10, 2017 at 4:30. That was strange. Let's see what happens this time.
New to CV
June 29, 2017
CVSuzie, I just saw a flock of over a dozen parrots flying west along D St, maybe a mile from the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. So I'd guess there are parrots hanging in Chula Vista now!
February 05, 2017
Being a resident of OB who is awakened by these obnoxious parrots every morning at dawn and disturbed randomly throughout the day as they feed, mate, and compete for territory, I can say that myself (& most all my neighbors) do NOT welcome this non-native bird species to San Diego, nor do most residents believe they are a "part" of this community.

Even the locals who have lived here since the 60s will tell you that the imported parrots were intended as pets, but got released. As someone who has studied biology, how is this different from an irresponsible snake owner turning their python free after it gets too big? How is this different than removing parasitic aquatic life from the bottom of your boat before going to another body of water?

These "bird lovers" have no concept of the impact of this non-native species to the coastal ecosystem. Listen closely... When the parrots are flying about and screaming all around to each other, there is complete silence from ALL the other native & migratory birds to this area. Wake up, people.
March 01, 2017
The list of invasive non-native plants in San Diego is huge, I bet your house and business has many. The way plants and animals proliferate is by moving into new habitats though many different means; fires, floods, loss of food sources know the circle of life
March 07, 2017
Maybe you could build a wall to keep them out.
anonymous in OB
March 16, 2017
Of course I know you're right, but sometimes I can get a little testy, especially when woken up in the morning to the sound of nature. It's all good though. When I get irritated I just go sit on the couch and smoke a bowl with my neighbors. We chill out and then realize the parrots can actually be pretty cool and add to the tropical beach vibes of this community. And then I think you know what, I actually share something in common with these birds. I'm not a local either, so we've got that going for us.
December 05, 2018
Hey, "anonymous" I know of another obnoxious imported species that now lives in San Diego that is completely destructive to the coastal ecosystem. Do you know what that is? It's You and your kind. Who do you think does more damage? Think about it.
January 21, 2017
The birds didn't come mexico or some Radom people letting a pet go these birds came from a bird store that burnt down years ago so they had to release all the birds. Man people need to get their facts straight before an entire story. I mean where did you even get this information? Because you sure didn't look very hard.
January 31, 2017
I think I'll take the words of people who actually care and have studied birds versus some random dink on the internet who can't even spell properly.
March 01, 2017
That's exactly the story I have heard. Chewey2001 don't let the power of Google get in the way of leveling insults and exposing your closeminded belief that the media actually does research.

Here's a few of the historical events of SoCal parrot type bird releases.

1. In 1959, parrots were released from Simpson's Garden Town Nursery on the east side of Pasadena when it caught fire. Rather than watch 65-70 birds in the pet shop burn up, an injured employee, with the help of firefighters, freed as many as he could.

2. In the San Fernando Valley, parrots are said to have been released in 1979 by Busch Gardens - an exotic tourist attraction theme park set up by Anheuser Busch to draw the public to their Van Nuys beer manufacturing facility. When the company moved its headquarters to a different location, they attempted to place their collection of birds in zoos and private homes, setting free those they were unable to place.

April 11, 2013
Very thankful for this article. These noisy birds drove me crazy this morning in Spring Valley but at least I know what they are. I did think they were parrots but I've never seen parrots in groups and wild like that before so I thought I was imagining things.
August 14, 2017
Love these parrots! Think they are called Hahn Parrots. In any case, they love something of interest to them, in several of our large trees. Reminds me of my daughter's place in Costa Rica high above the Pacific.
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