City Council passes resolution condemning federal actions against peaceful protesters
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On a 6-2 vote, the City Council on Aug. 6 passed a resolution affirming the First Amendment rights of American citizens and denouncing unlawful tactics used by the United States government against protestors peacefully engaged in constitutionally protected activities on the streets of America’s communities. 

The resolution also asserts the City Council’s right to protect the peace and preserve the wellbeing of San Diegans without intervention from federal law enforcement officers, especially when their assistance is not requested and their actions may fall outside of their jurisdictional authority.  

“Seeing an escalation of violence due to the presence of federal forces in places like Portland does not sit well with me or the majority of our City Council,” Gómez said. “I thank my Council colleagues for standing with me and the San Diego chapter of the Truman National Security Project in signaling to our residents that we fully support their First Amendment rights and that we condemn the use of unconstitutional activities by federal law enforcement agencies.” 

In addition to denouncing the federal government’s recent response to protests and asserting San Diego’s authority in local matters of public safety, the resolution:  

  • Supports efforts of U.S senators and representatives attempting to hold federal law enforcement agencies accountable.  

  • Directs the City’s Office of Government Affairs to monitor federal legislative efforts. 

And requests that the City Attorney monitor the activities of federal law enforcement agencies on City streets and other City areas and respond to violations of law by the federal law enforcement agencies.  

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August 09, 2020
Throwing Molotov cocktails into federal buildings isn't "peaceful". Shining green lasers into the eyes of federal marshals to bling them isn't "peaceful". Rioting, assault, looting, and arson isn't "peaceful". Screaming the n-word into the face of a black policeman by a white BLM racist isn't "peaceful".

The silence from the San Diego City Council on the nightly violence of the liberal fascists of Antifa and the racists of BLM is deafening - and despicable.
August 09, 2020
"blind", not "bling". Sorry about the misspelling, not sorry about the utter contempt for the violent fascists who call themselves "liberals" or "social justice warriors".
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