OB suffering at hands of greedy property owners
by Josh Hilton, Ocean Beach
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I just read your latest update on the former Apple Tree Market “property” (“Vacant market lot in OB reopens for self-pay customers; future of property still unclear,” June 13 Beacon, Page 5) and almost ripped my hair out.  

Why are out-of-town capitalist magnates allowed to manipulate our community like this?

From my understanding, the OB Surf and Skate was vacated to make room for the Apple Tree group to open a smaller specialty market, but they backed out due to insanely high rents and the prospect of a Whole Foods-type market opening in their old location, making their business model fragile.

Add to that the “property” owner where the old market was is asking an exorbitant rent (I heard $20,000 a month) for the space — and no one wants to pay that. Not even the big guys. 

This is another example of the “free market” private sector, so lauded and revered, miserably failing with no regard for the community. They will put their greed and profits over everything else.

At a point, property rights become extortion. If they can’t [redevelop] it, let’s take it back and do SOMETHING with it. Have a democratic decision. With all the bright minds in Ocean Beach I’m sure we can do better than just let it rot and be a moldy eyesore.

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July 07, 2013
Dear Josh,

It's hard enough to find a tenant for any commercial building without having a police Lt. telling you want you can or can't rent to, S.D.P.D. feels they have some say in what private business goes in.

The attitude from S.D.P.D. towards the owner was to bully them into doing things they didn't want to do.

Forcing them to cut the shrubs was only an excuse for the lack of police attention at the property.

At a recent community meeting Lt. Stone was very proud to say " I sic the city attorney's office on the owners " I'm sure that encouraged the owners to work with the community ! what an idiot.

More homeless sleep at the lifeguard tower park along the temporary fence than there ever was at the old Apple Tree lot. Why doesn't the police Lt. blame the property owner for it's own lack of attention, should they force the owner to cut the fence down to two feet like S.D.P.D. wanted at Apple Tree ?

As a commercial & residential property owner I despise anyone that wants to tell me what to do with my property. I follow the zoning laws.

1# rule in real estate DO NOT DISCUSS PRICE UNTIL YOU HAVE A VERIFIED TENANT/BUYER. $20,000 IS A STARTING POINT, nobody will end up paying that price.#2 never discuss what deals you may have on the table. These two facts drive people crazy, but that's the way real estate works.

The reason it's owned by someone out of town is very simple, nobody in this area wanted to buy it.

They did, so it's their decision.

I think it's called capitalism.
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