The most painful experiences anyone can have is a toothache.
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Except in cases where you experience some kind of blunt force trauma, tooth aches are normally the result of years of slow erosion to your teeth.

You are normally completely unaware of the process going on in your mouth where billions of bacteria thrive and excrete acids that slowly de-mineralize teeth over time.

You usually remain completely unaware of this process until you suddenly experience a sharp pain or dull throbbing of a tooth.

Here are some of the many different factors that can contribute to tooth aches:

Your teeth may be super sensitive. Sensitivity may just creep up on you until you’re suddenly more sensitive to the things you weren’t before.

Sometimes teeth become very sensitive to any hot or cold temperatures, such as very cold air, and this is called hypersensitivity.

Sensitivity comes from the erosion of the tooth’s protective enamel layer. This erosion occurs naturally as we chew food. Every time we take a bit of food, chewing causes a bevel action to occur, slowly grinding away the minerals on our teeth that we need for strong teeth. The more we file down our teeth naturally through the action of eating , the more enamel we lose until it gets down close to the pulp. The tooth's nerve becomes more exposed as the protective layer of enamel disappears over time, and it will begin to react strongly to the hot and cold temperatures.

Natural toothache remedies are the best. A good one is to place a clove of garlic on the affected tooth. Garlic has healing and anesthetic properties which will not only kill the bacteria causing the infection but provide some much needed relief to the pained area.

Eventually, however, you need to repair the offending tooth. Since teeth are actually living and have blood flowing through them, they are capable of self-repair. Our ancestors experienced this process naturally, but modern lifestyles and diet make it difficult for our teeth to do this as effectively as they once did.

With a diet full of calcium rich foods, our teeth can re-mineralize by themselves, however given our frequent consumption of sugary and highly refined foods, this process is made much more difficult.

You need to rebuild and make your teeth stronger to prevent future decay from occurring.

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