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Respect the law. Respect our city!

 I just read the story about the yard-sign thefts in the Shores and almost laughed out loud!

To begin with, this antiquated ego-based method of campaigning not only shows a propensity to waste money, but when used as intended and legally installed in yards, they do little more than alienate neighbors with opposing views. I would hope no voter makes their decisions based on a sign with a name or “yes” or “no” printed on it.

The reality is, the majority of these eyesores are installed in the dark of night, either along the sides of our roads, taped up to public poles or stuck in fences surrounding private properties, all illegally. One candidate’s signs go up and the rest follow like sheep. I expect more from our leaders.

When I have called or emailed the candidates to bring this to their attention, they universally deny responsibility and claim they can’t control their own workers. This is not a reassuring quality in someone who claims they are going to attempt to fix much bigger problems.

It’s bad enough our mailboxes are so crammed with political fliers slamming the opponents; at least they contain a sliver of information. The yard signs have little more than a name and should be discontinued entirely; the monies would be better spent providing facts about the candidates and issues we vote on.

While taking something from a neighbor’s private property is wrong, I don’t see the point of putting a sign up in the first place. Stop the practice and we will stop the “problem” and will all benefit from the extinction of this blight.

Chris Cott

My choice on Nov. 6

Referring to District 1 City Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, the La Jolla Light asks, “Was the voice of La Jolla ever really heard downtown?”

The answer is YES — it has been and yes, it will continue to be, IF you vote for Sherri in this election.

The voice of La Jolla speaks with attention to La Jolla’s past and future, knowing that the key to keeping the unique value of La Jolla is keeping its low-key seaside village ambiance and charm.

The value of La Jolla keeps increasing because ambiance is in short supply across the country. In too many other places of the world, this ambiance has been destroyed by excess development.

A vote for Sherri is a vote to assure that the rules and processes to maintain that ambiance remain in place and continue to be enforced.

Some do not like this care for La Jolla because they know they can make a bigger development profit if they buy low while restrictions are in place and then use politics to remove or ignore the restrictions to make a quick profit. These people are delighted to run a businessman against Sherri with the hope that he will undo the work Sherri has done to make City Hall actually follow the rules for protecting La Jolla from excess development.

This is a clear choice and I hope you will join me in caring for La Jolla’s longterm value instead of developing it for a quick buck. I will be voting for Sherri Lightner — the clear choice for neighborhoods.

Darcy Ashley
La Jolla
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