Guest View: Both sides of PLHS stadium-lights controversy could benefit from rational discussion
by Robert Burns, Ocean Beach
Published - 10/30/13 - 01:52 PM | 4656 views | 1 1 comments | 19 19 recommendations | email to a friend | print
This controversy, from what I can make of it, amazes me.

Having spent years as a community planner and having two daughters who attend Point Loma High School, and caring much more about fairness than organized sports, I’ll weigh in. The school has been there for many decades and, thus, the odds are that all of the lighting opponents followed rather than preceded it. PLHS has long had a stadium, and stadiums generally are lighted. Those who oppose stadium lighting effectively seek to misappropriate public assets for their unreasonable needs and gain, not the other way around, as contended by Jennifer Dariani [“Possible permanent PLHS stadium lighting has some all lit up,” Oct. 17 Beacon, Page 5].  

What needs to be done is to recognize the legitimacy and primacy of the stadium with lighting and then work to mitigate its effects. Restriction on unnecessary hours and lighting immediately come to mind as mitigation measures. Lights at Robb Field must be visible from outer space, and that seems quite excessive. I doubt that all of the lights are always necessary and their waste is expensive, no matter whether at PLHS or elsewhere. Helix Charter High School has a 9 p.m. weeknight noise curfew, and so could PLHS.

Now, let’s get beyond the frivolous claims of both sides and get on to serving the legitimate needs of athletes and audiences alike without unnecessarily wasting resources or unnecessarily impairing life in the surrounding community.
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December 29, 2013
I agree with many of the comments above. The school has been there since 1925 and so most of these residents bought homes in full awareness of the high school. All schools upgrade and expand with time and community size. I own a home near the freeway and I cannot call CalTrans and complain about the freeway noise. The BIGGEST issue is the posting of signs that state "Save Our Neighborhood". The community is telling the students that they need to be saved from them and their school. The students see these signs on the way to school each and every single day. It is hurtful, unsupportive and mean. The successful education of these students has a direct impact on this community. Education includes extra curricular activities as well - in fact you need them to get into college. Kudos to the residents that posted "Support Our Neighborhood" signs! PLHS is there to stay and the residents need to stop fighting its existence and support these kids in their endeavor to get a well rounded and full high school experience. The school has gone to unprecedented levels to respond to the community concerns. The only people being hurt here are the students. It takes a village to raise a successful and productive teenager; it is a shame that this village has turned its back on these kids.
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