LETTER: PLHS lighting improvements detrimental to neighborhood
by HEIDI SMITH, Point Loma
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A lie told a thousand times is still a lie on the thousandth time it is told, and that is how I felt when I read your Beacon article on the planned improvements to Point Loma High School.

It is, indeed, too bad that there are no investigative news reporters willing to ask even the obvious questions:

1.) Why does Point Loma High School need permanent lights when temporary lights have been used for years?

2.) Where is the original environmental report that was to be released last year?  Could it be that this document will never see the light of day because it talks about the real problems and it is NOT traffic and noise?  Is it about residents having to babysit sick, drunk or aggressive students?  Is it about riots and near-riots from adults/children watching the games?  Is it about residents and/or one or two police officers left alone to deal with a situations of the school’s making?

3.) Point Loma High School is not going to be commercialized when the new lights are installed? Really? Come on, Point Loma High School is commercialized now without any lights being installed.  The people using the facilities on Saturdays and Sundays are not there for school-related functions, nor are they residents of the area. The site is locked down. Only someone with a key can get in.

4.) Is not Point Loma High School on the flight path for the San Diego Airport? Don’t you think the glare from 90-foot lights might cause an airplane crash?

5.) Why is the school board proceeding with the light installation without FAA approval?  What is the rush?

6.) Please describe how the San Diego School Board and Point Loma High School is a good neighbor.  And please, no more lies (or staged photographs); the school does not even pick up trash on its property that is not fenced off. It is left to the residents to clean up the school property adjacent to their homes.

7.) Are the school board members getting bonuses for renting out the city schools? If they are not, then we should find out what the incentive really is for the school board. Why would a normal person/organization proceed with the installation of lights knowing that their actions will cause someone to get hurt or more than likely die?

Think about it, something is not right. Why is the San Diego Unified School District Board above the law? Why are they so adamant that lights must be installed at all costs at Point Loma High School?
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