Gaby Aparicio’s Latin rhythms move hips in San Diego
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Aparicio performs two shows this weekend, Jan. 7 at Lestats in Normal Heights (8 p.m.) and Jan. 8 at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market (10 a.m.).
Aparicio performs two shows this weekend, Jan. 7 at Lestats in Normal Heights (8 p.m.) and Jan. 8 at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market (10 a.m.).
One of the things that shows just how healthy San Diego’s current music scene is, is the fact that genres beyond the usual pop, rock, soul and hip-hop, such as jazz, reggae and Latin sounds, are also flourishing. One such example is Point Loma resident Gabriela Aparicio, who specializes in the latter and performs locally with her band, La Buena Onda.

She arrived in San Diego in February 2014, from Florida, though her family is originally from Uruguay. Aparicio was drawn by the area’s vibrant music community. “My intention was to further my music career while living in a great vibe,” she said. “I also wanted to be able to wake up every morning and hike on a mountain if I was so inclined, and also learn to surf.”

Aparicio performs two shows this weekend, Jan. 7 at Lestats in Normal Heights (8 p.m.) and Jan. 8 at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market (10 a.m.). Now a veteran of the stage, she has been performing for two decades. While in Florida, she performed with a more pop-oriented sound, but her move west signaled a shift in influences.

Now singing in both English and Spanish and incorporating Latin rhythms, Aparicio notes that she’s “always wanted to incorporate my South American roots with my music,” she remarked. “I think the confidence to just go for it had to happen, which truly did when I came out here.” Aparicio had previously experimented with writing in both languages in the past, “but then I added the occasional Italian. I like to experiment. I also love rhythms, and I have so much fun playing the Latin stuff, especially when friends drop by and join the set. Dancing usually ensues, and we end up all feeling good.”

She considers that her bi-lingual music opens up her music to wider audiences. “This hybrid style that I have is a nice niche,” Aparicio said. “I know in my heart that there are so many other people out there that can relate, who are either from a different country and grew up here, or are first-generation parents who emigrated. It’s a whole different upbringing with dual cultures. So there is a need for that.”

Aparicio performs around town in various formats, each with its own strengths. She enjoys playing solo, as that gives her a chance to experiment with material and presentation. “In that setting, I get to try new things with my voice and loop pedal, as well as challenge myself to create beats and play more dynamic.” That being said, her preferred shows are with her full band. “There’s no greater feeling of that collective, magical energy that happens when musicians that have chemistry collaborate. And when the crowd dials in, we’re all feeling that moment of pure source energy.”

Aparicio is happy with the success she’s had since her move to San Diego, pointing out that music is a tough business, but worth it. “I would rather wake up every day and struggle at doing what I love, than doing what I don’t want and being miserable,” she said. “It may be tough, but it’s not impossible to have a music career. Being famous is one thing. But there are so many different ways of making money, I believe you have to be smart and just get creative with the business side of things to figure out what works best for you. “

The next year will see the release of Aparicio’s third full length album, more touring and recording.

“Being able to sustain myself fully off my music, that’s the goal,” she laughed. Aparicio is succinct when it comes to what she loves about her chosen career. It’s simple.

“It’s being able to create something out of absolutely nothing,” she said. “And then making people feel good because of it.”

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Gabriela Aparicio
January 06, 2017
Thank you for the LOVE, and Bart Mendoza!! Come out to our Groovin Goddess Show tomorrow, Jan. 7 at Lestats at 8pm!!
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