What to expect in 2019? We asked local psychics for predictions
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Dr. Alexandra Andrews of the nonprofit Alexandra Institute and bookstore at 3545 Midway Drive, Suite G, in Point Loma.
Dr. Alexandra Andrews of the nonprofit Alexandra Institute and bookstore at 3545 Midway Drive, Suite G, in Point Loma.
Using Tarot, a local psychic foresees Trump’s re-election, a change of direction in world outlook, and future problems with over reliance on technological causing people to be more out of touch with themselves and each other.

That’s what was in the cards for Jonathan Marks of Metaphysical Solutions at 1330 Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach. Of Eastern European lineage, Marks claims his family, especially the women, have been psychic.

As we gaze ahead in the new year, Beach & Bay Press talked to Marks along with two other local avowed psychics – Dr. Alexandra Andrews of the nonprofit Alexandra Institute and bookstore at 3545 Midway Drive, Suite G, in Point Loma, and Tara Brennan of Energy Arts Academy at 2180 Garnet Ave. – to divine what the future may hold.

All three professed psychics share one common belief: That everyone has psychic potential, though that potential rarely manifests itself.

“Everybody is spiritually attuned in their own way,” said Marks, who said he did his first psychic reading at age 13. “Everybody has the ability to be psychic, empathic, experiencing other people’s feeling through prophecy, dreams and connecting to the spirit world.”

Andrews defined what being a “psychic” means.

“A psychic is someone who uses their mental processes, is able to turn it on and off,” she said, adding, “It’s different than intuition. People who are psychic are able to unlock that within themselves.”

Brennan, who claims to be clairvoyant, said that, as a psychic, she has taken perception to a higher level, a “higher octave,” in her own words, which she claims allows her to “see spiritual energy.”

“I help people develop great meditation practice to heal themselves and to be balanced and grounded in their lives and connect with their own spirit, and find deeper peace,” she said.

Getting back to his predictions, which he did by phone, Marks noted, after doing a Tarot card spread, that what he saw was that the past couple years, 2017-18, was a “deconstruction of ourselves with disappointment and setbacks,” regarding people in general worldwide. But that’s about to change, he added.

“I see a lot of people experimenting, a lot of separation (from the past) with a majority of people physically moving and moving away from toxic relationships with their families or others,” said Marks adding, “People are going to be very connected into the future.“

But Marks warned: “I also think there’s going to be a lack of privacy in the future. Technology is going to be separating, disassociating, people more from other humans. This could be a big problem in the future.”

Concerning politics, Marks said, “What I’m seeing is Trump being elected to a second term.”

Marks also made a prediction about the current government impasse.

“People have got to hang in there, “he counseled. “The shutdown will end soon. [Trump] got what he wanted, and now he’s going to move into other areas.”

Andrews, as she does for everyone during a Tarot card reading, asks the person being read to shuffle the deck with their left hand (their psychic intuitive side) to “put their vibrations” into the cards. The person being read is then asked to randomly select a dozen or more cards from the deck arranged in a spread.

“Your energy is going to be there,” Andrews said of the process, where she picks up on the way the cards are laid out in the spread, which suggests tendencies. Using the spread, Andrews then goes on to evaluate/interpret specific areas, as directed by the client, counseling them as to what the cards show in terms of answering their questions about relationships, careers, etc.

Andrews does group and individual readings. She was also asked in the past to help out in a police homicide investigation.

“[The police] brought me a bloody leather jacket that was found near the scene of a motorcycle accident,” she said.

Did the police eventually find the suspect they were looking for? “Yes, they did,” Andrews replied.

Beach & Bay Press asked Brennan to use her psychic abilities to gaze ahead to see what is going to happen with two high-profile issues in San Diego: homelessness and motor scooters.

Following a phone conversation, and after consulting the cards, Brennan foresaw a positive outcome, ultimately, with homelessness. But, she added: “Too many people are affecting the situation. It’s getting muddied. There are too many ideas coming from an intellectual standpoint. It would be better if it was just one group. But in the end, it’s very positive. The answer will come through a creative housing solution, a creative way that maybe people aren’t totally thinking of now.”

Regarding the proliferation of motor scooters, Brennan said: “We need to put a limit on that, and there’s totally going to be a limit put on that. The number of them are also going to be limited down. I see something happening very soon, in March, and again in November.”

Of the impetus for dealing with the scooter situation, Brennan said, “The energy behind it, it reminds me of the energy riding the waves.”

Psychic Predictions

Trump re-election;

Government shutdown will end soon;

More people moving away from toxic relationships;

More lack of privacy due to technology;

Creative housing solution will happen for homeless;

Number of electric scooters to be limited in March.

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