Lime to hold ‘First Ride’ safety event at South Shores Park
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Lime scooters on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. / Photo by Thomas Melville
Lime scooters on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. / Photo by Thomas Melville
Lime will kick off its inaugural San Diego “First Ride” event, where residents can learn how to safely operate and ride scooters for the first time, at 3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23 at the Lime Warehouse, 1048 Cudahy Place, San Diego. The event is the start of First Ride events that will be held over the next several weeks. These training courses will improve familiarity with scooters so riders know the basics of safe scooter riding and responsible parking. The event will include an introduction to safety, hands-on training and a demo ride. Participants will also receive a free helmet.
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