Point Loma senior has seen it all, done it all
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Elithe Belofsky
Elithe Belofsky
She has had five careers, speaks four languages, and has a genius IQ. She was a dancer and also was a professional musician, having performed in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. 

She is witty, irreverent, and outspoken, and has given more than one too-forward male their comeuppance. That has included administering a black eye – or two.

She is Elithe Belofsky, 93, a feminist before her time, who was recently among a group of seniors age 80 and beyond who were profiled in a just-completed month-long photographic and biographic exhibit by Elaine Fotinos Burrell at Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church.

Elithe comes from a long-lived family. Her mother died at age 104. Her grandmother died at 105.

Elithe is very current and has an opinion about just about everything. And she doesn’t mind telling you.

“I just happened to be thrown out of classes in school because I said the teacher who wrote the book lied,” allowed Elithe, who is proudly Jewish and attended the Nuremberg Nazi trials in Germany after World War II. She has a personal collection of concentration camp “patches” she has donated to a Balboa Park museum.

“I’m not a rebel,” Elithe said. “I seek the truth … Today nobody tells the truth. Everybody makes up lies and the news media has become a pile of [expletive].”

Elithe claims to be psychic and to have healing powers. She was a professional violinist who joined the LA Philharmonic Orchestra at age 20.

“I was one of only five women out of 100 people on the orchestra,” she recalled.

Of her heritage, Elithe noted: “My mother was a teenage activist in Russia. Her job was to alert the Jews that the Cossacks were coming. You didn’t want to mess with her.”

Of current events and the pandemic, Elithe likens it to Jewish history and the Passover plagues. “Passover is a holiday where they celebrate deliverance from the plagues,” she pointed out. “Plagues are a way for God to teach people to straighten up their act.”

Elise has a no-nonsense view of how life should be lived.

“Life is like a deck of cards,” she said. “You get a hand, you play your hand. If you get twos – you play twos. What you have are choices. Each day you have choices.”

Elithe isn’t too happy about the government.

“Government is about money, and who’s running what,” she said. “Right now I feel the government is so corrupt.”

Of her life Elithe noted: “I’ve seen it all, done it all.”

Concerning the BLM movement, Elithe pointed out, “There are people who live on hate. The Ku Klux Klan is still around.”

Regarding homelessness, Elithe commented: “They say they care about people. Show me. There shouldn’t be anybody homeless. The rich are getting richer and abusing people without money.”

She is happy with the course her career – and life – took.

“What I did all my life was entertain,” Elithe said.

Elise believes there’s not enough humanity in society today.

“We need to be with other people to feel their pain, their joys in life,” she said.

The nonagenarian isn’t too fond of all modern technology.

“A computer is a sterilized piece of equipment that’s taken away people’s sympathy and caring,” she said adding, “You make a difference by helping other people.”

And, with her characteristic candor, Elithe said, “I’m an advocate. I never sit by and watch [expletive] happen. I get a shovel and throw it back.”

Concluded Elithe about life: Be grateful for what you have, not what you don’t have.”
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