Letters To The Editor 1/25/07
by San Diego News
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Upscale pub a dichotomy

The mention of Gallagher's pub in the Jan. 18 issue (The Peninsula Beacon, "Going, going, gone," page 1) gave me a laugh. The article stated, "Gallagher's Pub, scheduled to open St. Patrick's Day, will feature food, drink and an upscale element."

Whoever heard of an upscale pub? Isn't that a dichotomy? I love Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh Pubs and have found them to be warm, friendly and comfy "“ but not upscale.

Gwyneth Cooper, Ocean Beach


Begging the question

Wikipedia defines begging the question as "a premise that presupposes a conclusion in some way." In the Jan. 18 issue of The Peninsula Beacon, the executive director of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association does, indeed, beg the question: Will Ocean Beach invite more corporate chains into the heart of its business district ("Going, going, gone," page 5)?

OBMA Executive Director Denny Knox addresses the larger issues presented in the article with equivocation and base characterizations. Is it now accepted as myth by our propertied class that the residents of Ocean Beach "“ who protested the arrival of Starbucks to our shores on Sept. 11, 2001 "“ oppose chains and corporations in the community? In spite of our initially being called terrorists, most of us understood then what is at the heart of our business district. For the executive director of an organization that is supposed to be grounded in preservation to suggest that focusing on the larger issues is somehow getting "caught up in being negative" and that we should instead "look forward to what's going to be new" rather than seek solutions to common problems ... well, it begs the question. I imagine the invitations are at the printer already.

Danny Morales, Ocean Beach


Shame on The Beacon

I've always enjoyed reading the Beacon and have considered it a great venue for the peninsula community to connect. It has been a pleasure to read about new businesses, services, and what is being done to keep Ocean Beach a great place for families.

The cover of your Jan. 11 issue featured a story on Point Loma Nazarene University students who traveled the New Orleans to assess health care needs. Again, on the cover are students building robots. I bet these kids couldn't wait to read about their endeavors in your publication.

I wonder what they thought about as they progressed to page 18 and read about how they can "safely" have an extra-marital affair when and if the time comes they decide to marry.

Shame on you. Did you need to fill that space so badly? How much did ffairmatch.com pay?

The front of your rag features the tagline "San Diego Community Newspaper Group." Really? So San Diego is a community of cyber-adulterers and it's OK for all students to read this schmuck? That was the message I got "“ loud and clear.

Elizabeth Bishop, Ocean Beach

Please see the Editor's Note to read about The Beacon's actions regarding advertisements such as the one mentioned in the letter above.
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