Objects in Mirror Are More Consistent Than They Appear
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How many times have you heard the phrase, "Things are different in today's world."?

Be that as it may, whether discussing politics, business, or family values, our world is not changing as much as one might think. Our perspective is limited by the fact that we live today, in the here and now. Business environments are often noted as having changed. It may seem this way with a computer on every desk and a cellphone in every pocket, but those objects are simply tools - tools for connecting with others.

Thus, while the tools may have changed, the connections are still the same as they were thousands of years ago. Whether buying a chariot two-thousand years ago or an automobile today, people still flock towards value and personal relationships.

Decisions are often based upon a personal set of values. Some may point to the dozens of tangibles that they feel are different in today's business environment but, when they dig deeply, they will discover that the heart of every business transaction still rests in adding value to everything they touch. Becoming a value-adding entity has been the root of every success over the past two-thousand years and this will continue, for the addition of value is timeless.

Even if our future exists of space cars, the colonization of the moon, and the discovery of new galaxies, the people that provide the highest value will always find themselves at the top of the food chain. The tools - the ephemeral surface items - change with the times, not the people. Value comes first, in both your actions and your intentions.

If you find yourself worried about money, stop worrying and add more value. If you find yourself overwhelmed with new technologies, start finding ways to add more value. If you find yourself trying to plot, plan, and scheme to grow your business, stop and evaluate your plans to see if they are adding more value. Real value speaks for itself and cannot be adequately described with words, alone.

In fact, the act of trying to find the words to describe the value you are adding is an act that is, in itself, not adding any value. Real value is added without expecting something in return. You have opportunities every day to add value. Whether picking up a piece of trash that is on the floor as you pass in the hallway or helping a customer solve a problem they are experiencing, the more value you add the more your life will change. Bringing the highest amount of value to any situation is done most effectively with your state-of-mind.

To hitch your chariot to this powerful tool you must cleanse your mind of your "me-first" mentality. Pause before you enter a room, take a deep breath and, as you reach for the handle to open the door, ask yourself, "How can I add value to this situation?" Ask yourself the questions and you will find the answers. When you learn the answers you seek, act upon them without expectation of return because the addition of value is the key to your success.

When you add value, you will have everything you need to bring about a stress-free life. Be wary, for the opposite of this is also true for, when you "lose your way" and you "lose the adding value" state-of-mind, you will experience a stressful, unfulfilled life. Failure, stress, and want will pervade without the addition of value.

Yes, everything boils down to value. This was true two-thousand years ago, and it will be true two-thousands years from now. So ask yourself, "Am I always focused on adding value?" Do this and know that, no matter how much the world may appear to be changing, the objects you see are really more consistent than they appear.

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